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ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver

Software Utility v2.01 - 9/29/09ZR-6 Firmware Update and Archive Software. This should be downloaded to ensure your ZR-6 has the latest features and fixes available.
Software v2.01 Release NotesImportant information on the latest release of firmware for the ZR-6 MultiZone System
Software Installation InstructionsInstallation instruction for ZR-6 Utility Software
Buffer Adjustment InstructionsInstallation instructions for proper adjustments of buffer
Discrete IR Code LibraryCopy and paste HEX IR codes for discrete control over ZR-6 Zone
Zone1 | Zone2 | Zone3 | Zone4 | Zone5 | Zone6 | Zone7 | Zone8 | Zone9 |
Zone10 | Zone11 | Zone12 | Zone13 | Zone14 | Zone15 | Zone16 | Zone17 | Zone18 
RS 232C ProtocolsZR-6 MultiZone Receiver RS-232C Control Protocols
ZR-6 System Design GuideYour complete resource to designing the best ZR system to suit your needs
ZR-6 Installation GuideThe newly updated version of the Installation Guide that comes with the ZR-6
R-8 L Set-Up CodesSet-Up Codes for the R-8L Learning Remote Control
ZR-6 iPod compatibility ChartZR Compatibility Chart for iPods


IC2 Home Theater Automation and Control

QuickConfig Build 14B 7/25/08iC2 Firmware Update and Configuration Software. This should be downloaded to be sure your iC2 has the latest feature and fixes available.
QuickConfig Release NotesImportant information on the latest release of software for the iC2 Home Theater Automation Control System


IntelliControl ICS Integrated Control System

IntelliControl ICS Download PagePlease click on the link and visit the Intellicontrol ICS Download page for all your software and support material needs


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