Programming Services

ELAN Programming Services

ELAN offers professional programming services for g! system through the ELAN Programming Service. Whether you are a new dealer without the staff to do the programming, or a long time g! dealer that is overloaded, you can now get professional experienced help.

ELAN Programming Services is a cost efficient method to get your clients systems completed. Traditionally programming is the last step in the project and until it is complete you don’t get paid. We recognize that many of our dealers install a wide variety of systems and it is difficult to be an expert on all of them. By providing you with a way to offload work to a trusted partner, ELAN will help make you more profitable and finish more jobs.

The Process is Easy:

1 - Download the Information Package (PDF - 100 KB)

2 - Review the documents then complete the Estimate Worksheet Form on our website

3 - Within 4 business days you will receive a contract that defines the costs and performance parameters

4 - Upon acceptance, you will be asked to complete the Programming Workbook that details the system parameters

5 - You connect everything and configure the attached systems

6 - We do the programming

7 - You verify it

8 - Project is complete!