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ZR4630/8630 MultiZone Receivers

TS-1 Programming Software (version

ZR Source Library and Archiving Software (version 1.01)
Downloadable software that transfers Source Library Files and System Archive Files to and from the ZR-4630 and ZR-8630AV Multi-Zone Receivers.

A4.6 Ci MultiZone Pre-Amplifier

A4.6Ci Programming Software (Version 1.2)
Downloadable software for programming the A4.6Ci Multi-Zone Preamplifier. (If you have previously installed any other versions of this software, you must uninstall that version prior to installing a new version)

intelliControl Home Theater Automation System

IntelliFile II Software Upgrade Instructions (all previous versions to 1.16
Download and follow these upgrade instructions. Download Acrobat PDF Instructions here.

IntelliFile II Software Version 1.16
This is the latest version of Niles IntelliFile® II software. It is used to program the Niles IntelliControl and IntelliPad® using a PC and the Niles IntelliFile® II PC interface. It replaces version 1.02 and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 9X, 2000, XP and ME. Please uninstall any previous version of IntelliFile® II before installing this latest update.


IntelliFile PDF Support files

IntelliFile Support Movies (download and execute)

This software has been installed and used on Niles' computers and has performed as intended. However, Niles has made no attempt to determine incompatibilities with other programs or operating environments, and the downloading and/or use of these program is solely at the user's risk. Niles provides no warranty, express or implied, for this software, nor will Niles provide technical support for these programs. Niles disclaims any responsibility for damage of any kind resulting from the downloading or use of these programs. It is offered gratuitously, as a helpful tool for those who are willing and able to install and operate the programs without further assistance. As with any freely distributed software, you may want to back up your computer before installing and running any of the programs. Additionally, while Niles' website is maintained with a level of security which we consider satisfactory, in view of recent well-publicized intrusions into other presumably secure sites, we recommend screening any downloaded software with an up-to-date antivirus program.


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