In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Niles has decided to VOLUNTARILY RECALL affected ZR-6 MultiZone Receivers shipped from Niles prior to November 5, 2009, which may include receiver(s) you have purchased.

Niles ZR-6 MultiZone Receivers utilize Texas InstrumentsTM microprocessor chips that include advanced protection circuitry to detect and prevent a direct current (DC) output to connected loudspeakers. A DC output is not a normal operating condition and would only result if there were a failure of an internal component of the ZR-6.

The DC output protection circuitry may not have been enabled by the software on the ZR-6 receiver(s) you may have purchased. AS A RESULT, CONNECTED LOUDSPEAKERS MAY OVERHEAT AND CREATE A HAZARDOUS SITUATION OR RESULT IN A FIRE. While the number of such DC output protection failures has been extremely low, and an unusual combination of events and rare installation situations would both need to be present to create the overheating scenario, there is a possibility of this happening.

To determine if your ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver is affected by this voluntary recall, you can easily verify the software version of your ZR-6. To confirm the software version, turn the ZR-6 power off and then back on by pressing the front panel power button (Note: Turning your keypads or remote controls off will NOT turn the ZR-6 off).

The front panel LCD display will momentarily show the ZR-6 software version in this format: ZR-6, VER X.XX

If the ZR-6 shows a version of 3.26 or higher, it is NOT part of this recall and has its protection circuitry enabled.

If the ZR-6 shows a version lower than 3.26, you will need to perform the simple software update required by this voluntary recall. You should receive information from Niles regarding the process for performing the software update.

If your ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver shows a version lower than 3.26 and you have not yet been contacted by Niles regarding this voluntary recall, click the button below, please call our toll-free hotline at 1-800-667-3991; email; or write us at Core Brands, Attention: ZR-6 Recall, 1800 South McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, CA 94954.

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