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4 Source Weather-Resistant Master Keypad with Built-In Plasma/LCD-Proof IR Sensor

  • Compatible With ZR-4 MultiZone Receiver
  • Weather-resistant, Single-gang Keypad Operates In Moist Indoor And Outdoor Environments Such As Patios, Spas, And Showers Sheltered
  • Built-in Plasma/LCD-proof IR Sensor Provides Trouble-free Wireless Remote Control Operation From Long Distances And Wide Angles, Can Be Defeated To Eliminate Interference From Direct Sunlight Ht For Outdoor Keypad Applications
  • Four Labeled Master Keys Provide Source Activation And Illumi Minate Blue To Indicate Which Source Is Active; Pressing And Holding An Any Master Key Activates That Source In All Zones
  • Includes Laser-etched Labels With Popular Source Names To Label Th The Master Keys
  • Volume Control Buttons Provide Local Zone Volume Control
  • Mute Button Provides Local Zone Mute
  • Off Button Turns Local Zone Off; Pressing And Holding Off Button Turns Entire System Off
  • Connects To ZR-4 Via CAT-5 Cable
  • Dimensions: Standard Version Fits 1-gang Electrical Box With Standard Decora Wall Plate
  • 2 year limited
Four Solo-4 IR keypads are included with the ZR-4, and are also available separately


Solo-4 IR

Stock Number FG01438
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