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Flush-MountIR MicroSensor®
  • High Fidelity Wideband Amplifier Accurately Passes High Data Rate IR Code Formats, Including Philips RCMM Codes
  • Universal Noise Suppression Effectively Eliminates The IR Interference From Plasmas, LCDs, And CFL Lighting
  • Receiving Range Is Typically 20' - 35'
  • Inclludes 10' Of Connecting Wire
  • Packaged For Retail Display
  • Designed For Discrete Mounting
  • Includes Black And White Bezels
  • Dimensions: Lens Bezel: 1/2" Diameter X 4-1/65" High
    (12.7 Mm Diameter X 16.3 Mm High)
    Overall: 1/2" Diameter X 2-7/8" High
    (12.7 Mm Diameter X 73 Mm High)
  • Hole Cutout: 1/2" (1.27 Cm) Diameter
  • 2 year limited



Stock Number FG01580
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