Multizone or distributed home entertainment is a new way to enjoy your favorite music, news, and sports anywhere in your home. It used to be that your entertainment was limited to a family room or a bedroom with components piled high and big speakers on the floor. Besides all the clutter, the problem was that once you left the room, you also left your entertainment behind.

The solution is simple: a single, centralized system that gives you the freedom to enjoy your entertainment wherever you want it. Imagine dad in the den listening to jazz, mom cooking up hot and spicy sounds in the kitchen, while the kids are upstairs rocking out. That’s what multizone audio is all about.

Niles has everything you need to create a system that’s custom-tailored for the way you live and entertain. So take the first step and contact a professional systems integrator. To find an authorized Niles Sales Representative near you, click here.

What's a Zone?
A zone is any place in the home, inside or out, that provides independent selection and control of your music. That way Dad can enjoy the classics in the den, Mom gets her jazz in the home office, and the kids rock out upstairs--all at the same time.
What's a Source?
A source is simply what you want to hear. AM/FM radio is a source. So is a CD or Digital Music Player. The ZR-4 can play up to four different sources, in four different zones, simultaneously.

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