When a button is pushed, the Tabletop Control sends a wireless RF signal to the Main System Unit (HT-MSU), the real “brains” of the iC2. Once the HT-MSU receives this RF signal, it performs much like a conductor, orchestrating all the commands in perfect harmony.

The HT-MSU has the flexibility to control home theater equipment via infrared (IR) or RS-232. The HT-MSU also has 12V outputs and assignable relays for automating lighting, curtains, and other devices. It all adds up to reliable, repeatable control.

Before the HT-MSU sends any commands, it first checks the power status of the equipment so it knows which components are turned On, and which ones are turned Off. Conventional remotes can’t do this; they just blindly issue On/Off commands. Since the HT-MSU does a power status check, everything stays in sync—avoiding a power command being sent to a component that is already On, which could inadvertently turn the component Off.
The iC2’s ZigBee RF wireless technology provides two-way, real-time feedback. The HT-MSU not only receives the command from the Tabletop Control, it communicates back to let you know that the command was received and executed perfectly—just one more example of the iC2’s ingenuity.

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