The iC2 is a two-piece system consisting of a Tabletop Control and a behind-the-scenes Main System Unit (HT-MSU). The Tabletop Control’s large easy-to-see buttons and an ergonomic design makes for a truly intuitive interface, while the HT-MSU is the source of the iC2’s powerful automation and customization capabilities. Your custom system integrator will tailor the iC2 to match the way you and your family enjoy home entertainment.
Eliminate Remote Clutter
Your TV comes with a remote. So does your cable box…and DVD player…and surround sound system…and satellite radio…and, well, you get the picture. It all adds up to a messy pile of remotes on your coffee table. The iC2 takes the place of all of them. The clutter and confusion is replaced by a single elegant, easy-to-use control.
Hideaway Your Equipment
The iC2’s ZigBee® RF wireless technology can transmit through walls and ceilings. This opens up a whole new world of installation possibilities. Hang a flat panel TV on your living room wall and install all the other equipment in a closet, in another room, or even in the garage. The living room keeps its clean look and you get all the fun and excitement that a home theater delivers.
One-Touch to Entertainment™
Today’s home theater user is just looking for an easy way to control his or her system. Remembering which buttons to push in exactly the right order is not acceptable. With the iC2’s intelligent automation, even the most complex home theater can be operated with a single press of a button. The iC2 does all the hard work so you don’t have to.
Control today's Popular Sources
Ten years ago, there weren’t any DVRs, HDTVs, Blu-ray or HD DVD players. But today, just about every home theater includes at least one from this list. The iC2 is a fresh design that takes into account these new entertainment sources and provides intuitive controls so you get the most out of them.
Wireless That Works—for You
The iC2 takes advantage of the latest ZigBee® RF wireless technology. Unlike the line-off-sight infrared (IR) technology found on most remote controls, ZigBee transmits through walls and ceilings. This enables you to hide your components in a closet or even in another room. Plus, you no longer have to “point and hold” the remote.
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
A long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion battery powers the Tabletop Control so there’s no need to constantly replace expensive alkaline batteries. Just connect the included battery charger when the battery runs low. You can expect 7-14 days of normal use from a single charge. And since Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, the Tabletop Control feels more comfortable in your hands.
Fail Safe Programming
Your home theater system is unique. That’s why every iC2 is custom-programmed to perfectly match your equipment and the way you use it. With other remotes, if you lose the programming, you’re right back where you started. That will never happen with the iC2. It features flash memory, so your custom programming is always safe and secure.
...And So Much More
The buttons on the Tabletop Control are not only large and perfectly positioned for comfortable operation, they’re also backlit to be visible in low light. In fact, you can even program the buttons to illuminate automatically just by reaching for it. Think about how handy that would be in a dimly lit room.

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