Multi-room audio...transformed

The new MRC-6430 simplifies whole-home audio with expandable six-source, six-zone audio control running the new Auriel™ intelligent software.

Niles MRC-6430

Tablet-based configuration eliminates hours of complicated programming, automatically configuring macros and user interfaces in just minutes.

Auriel makes whole home audio easier and more enjoyable for your customers.

Control multi-room music and home theater from a single interface.

Accessible from the widest variety of control options in the industry including smartphones and tablets.

Powered by Auriel, the new Niles MRC-6430 makes it easier than ever to install and configure a whole home audio system.

MRC-6430 Front Image MRC-6430 Rear Image

MRC-6430 at a Glance

  • Chassis Control: Six unique zones with six distinct input sources. The MRC-6430 is the leading solution for multi-room audio integrating automation and A/V control.
  • Source Control: Two-way metadata, IP and IR control of a variety of popular devices. Auriel includes an extensive pre-defined IR database.
  • Home Theater Control: Manage audio and video components effortlessly and turn any home into an enviable oasis.
  • Easy Configuration: Tablet-based configuration eliminates hours of complicated programming. The MRC-6430 wizard easily configures macros, user interfaces and end user favorites in just minutes.
  • Mobile App: iOS and Android applications control the Niles MRC-6430 to queue up soothing sounds at a moment's notice.
  • Best-in-Class Software Platform: The Niles Auriel software platform scales for feature expansion including lighting control and climate/thermostat control.
  • TCP/IP: A simple backbone for control with no proprietary wiring.
  • Metadata: When connected to compatible devices, Niles Auriel delivers metadata to the industry's widest selection of user interfaces.

Intuitive Tablet and Smartphone Interface

The Auriel Ecosystem

The Auriel ecosystem centers around the MRC-6430 controller which supports virtually all current Apple and Android phones and tablets as interfaces. Coming soon are Niles keypads and remotes, providing users with additional wired and wireless interface options.